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Something I learned today:

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One key difference between a man and a boy:

the way he handles polite but honest rejection from a woman.


Russian Alien Vampires…

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NY Times will lead you to believe that Pandora was started by Tim Westergren.  This is FALSE.

Pandora is actually run by Russian Alien Vampires.

How else can you explain the fact that they know when you leave the room? Their feelings get hurt when they think you aren’t listening and that creepy little message pops up on your screen:  “Are you still there???”

They PAUSE YOUR MUSIC when you have it muted.

Regardless, these Russian Alien Vampires are doing a fabulous job…Pandora is how I discover a lot of new music and very rarely do I hear a song I don’t enjoy.

Keep it up guys. And congrats on the iPhone app, as it seems it single-handedly saved your Russian-Alien-Vampire asses from an embarrassing Napster-like death.

(Let’s see, I’ve tagged the all the American phantom-menaces/witch-hunt phases for the last 3 decades…so hopefully this will bring me some new traffic lol)

A Beautiful New York Moment…

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Having worked at many restaurants, I discovered that in general, people detest eating dinner at the bar. Personally I don’t understand what there is NOT to like. Bartenders can be quite knowledgeable, and the people eating there are usually good-natured and interesting.

Last week a friend took me to Union Square Cafe. We sat in the bar area, which was gorgeous and elegant without being stuffy. Next to us was a friendly middle – aged couple who we started chatting with.

We ordered the Prime Rib for two, which was absolutely divine.


We couldn’t help but notice our doe-eyed friends next to us, staring at our dinner. My friend leaned over and whispered “You know, if you’re really cool, you’ll put a piece on your bread plate and slide it over to them.”

The couple was both pleasantly surprised and ecstatic.

In my experience, this food sharing phenomenon seems limited to the bar areas of fine Manhattan restaurants. I can recall at least a handful of times that I’ve either been on the giving or receiving end of a food transaction with a perfect stranger, but not once while sitting at a table, and never outside of the City.

Why only at the bar? And why only New York?

I think the bar is a space much more conducive to striking up random conversation. You’re much closer in proximity to the people next to you (sometimes it’s downright intimate). Also, people eating at the bar are cooler by nature—otherwise they would have insisted on a table and then left after their tantrum when they realized none were available.

Maybe this is specific to New York because we have an unparalleled appreciation for fine cuisine? I’m not sure, but I’m open to your comments and speculations.

Either way, it’s an experience that always remains with me. Whenever I overhear someone ignorant saying New Yorkers are cold and I can feel “the Rage” taking over me, I think back to these pleasant encounters and immediately I am calmed.


A California Thing

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All winter I’ve been in this unyielding state of denial that inclement weather is an actual inconvenience in my otherwise sunny, rainbow life–a disease I caught in CA.

I made it to February with only my Converse All Stars.

The past two weeks however have been particularly bad in terms of ice, and I nearly broke my neck at least three times.

Rummaging through my closet over the weekend, I discovered the only shoes I own with any significant amount of tread were my tall, bubble-gum-pink-with-blue-whales rain boots. I’ve been sporting them every day: socially acceptable last week when the weather was a mix of rain and snow.

Of course this week was sunny as all hell. I wore them anyway on Tuesday but got weird stares from people.

So I hid them under my desk at work.

Now, I can’t figure out how to get them home. Too awkward to carry on the 6 train in the evenings (so crowded!) and I just can’t bring myself to wear them.

They probably won’t make it back to my apartment until it rains again.

(Sigh) I’m such a girl sometimes. Gross.

<<<<(SHE can get away with it! Might be a supermodel-living-in-London-type thing. Maybe I’ll become a supermodel and start a new trend in the States).

6 Train Awkwardness

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(Setting: 6 train headed downtown from 23rd st.)

99.9% of the time I spend walking around the city en route, I’m listening to my ipod.

Yesterday, the .1% of me won and I went without–I didn’t have the energy or patience to rummage through my Mary Poppins purse only to untangle my earphones by which time I’d already be home.

Standing on the train, lost in my own thoughts, I suddenly heard a classic Sublime song, “What I Got.”  It took me a solid 5 seconds before I remembered I wasn’t listening to my ipod. The culprit was a younger gentleman standing behind me.

I could have taken out my ipod  and found that song–but I didn’t.

Instead I proceeded to lip-sync the song (the part “got to find a reason why my money’s all gone..”), adding my signature head bobbing move. All that was missing was my hair brush.

That’s right, I was the crazy on the train singin and dancin with no iPod or headphones. The crazy that you normal people inch away from.

I was THAT guy.

<<<<<<<< (F*CK THAT NOISE)

If I was an App…

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My boss asked me today if I was a phone app, what would I be?

I answered:

“if I was an app, I would be the Break Up App: you type in the real reason you’re breaking up with someone (ie “she’s a leech and sucking the life out of me”) and then I generate a polite way to say the same thing (ie: “I think we just have different needs”)”

Later on I was considering this answer…and decided that ultimately I would fail as this app. Why? Because when asked why I’m blowing someone off indefinitely, I always go with the truth. It’s not about morality–it’s just easier and less time consuming. Making up a [believable] lie takes way more energy than the dude is worth.  Here are some of my recent responses to recent “why don’t you want to see me anymore” questions…

“because you’re a stalker”

“because you texted me 17 times after our first date”

“because I’m just not attracted to you, either mentally or physically.”

One recently said to me:  “maybe our paths will cross some years down the road”

and I responded:

“Regardless, we will NEVER be together again. Ever.”

Harsh? Maybe. But it’s better than giving someone false hope…

Damn–now I have to think of a new app for me…

Why I don’t drink soda…

Posted in Ruminations on December 17, 2009 by indomitablyirresistible

NYC Health advertisement. The campaign began with poster ads in subways. Apparently the ads disgruntled many New Yorkers. You know what I think?
For anyone who was truly pissed off by this campaign…you are:

weak in the mind, stomach, and spirit

probably overweight, much of which can be attributed to your soda habit

Ya. I went there.