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But Besides Spanish Sausages…

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I did discover EuroPop in Spain, which turns out, is pretty cool. Here is my new favorite song (new to me, though it came out and was a huge hit apparently in Spain and France in 2007) by a band called “Lucky Twice”. Basically, they’re hott Swedish girls who only got lucky once, as this was their only hit.

(PS I’m showing a clip from Final Fantasy where they use the song, as the music video isn’t avail in the states on YouTube)

PPS: I listen to this every morning while walking to work….it’s invigorating 🙂

PPPS: I received a particularly delightful comment from one of my blog followers on my last Spain post, in an attempt to answer the question: why do the Spanish live longer considering their unhealthy lifestyles? She said:

“My theory: Spaniards healthy (low) stress levels + unhealthy nutrition > American’s healthy nutrition – unhealthy (high) stress levels.

My Point = I’ll take Spanish Sausage over American power any day. (That’s what she said).”


(Lucky Twice pictured below)

About Spain

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“Un mysterio de Espana” : (translation) A mystery of Spain

This seems to be the answer for everything over there. Everything. For example: why does the Spanish population generally live longer, healthier lives than Americans when:

*they smoke: before, during, and after their pregnancies. I saw babies in strollers in bars. Everywhere. All the time.

*they live on a diet consisting of sangria, potatoes, sausage, ham, meatballs, sausage, chorizo (another kind of sausage), fried cheese, the occasional fried vegetable, and did I mention sausage?

*they drink every day, and all night.

*Gyms are completely absent. I don’t even know if there is a word for “gym” in Spanish…at least not the gyms I’m thinking (Crunch, Bally’s, Equinox, etc).

I asked my sister this question. My sister who has been living and studying in Madrid for the last 4 months…

Don’t get me wrong. I embraced the diet. For a whole week.


(That’s what she said)

I’ve never felt so tired and unhealthy in my life…as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve shortened my life span by 3-5 years.

Let’s just say, the sausage diet got real old, real fast (that’s also what she said). Now, back in Manhattan, I’m typing this while ecstatically sipping on my fresh-pressed beverage of celery, spinach, kale, and beet juice. For lunch, I had quinoa, brussel sprouts, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and baked chicken.

I’ve just started to return to normalcy….

The iPad in all its SEXINESS

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The most common request I get from blog followers is that they want me to keep them cool. Informed. “I want to know what’s cool, what’s in these days.”

This post is for you.

THE IPAD IS COOL. HIP. IN. SEXY. SEXY. SEXY. I mean, I’m turned on just writing about it.

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first. Even though I’m obsessed with all things MAC, and I’ve yet to discover a bad product from them.

When they announced the iPad a few months ago, nobody seemed to know what hell it did. There was a plethora of articles about it, but none really getting into the specifics. Apple dealt with this nicely I thought, with a very short, concise commercial that shows exactly what it might be most commonly used for (looking at pictures, reading e-books, reading the newspaper, email, instant messengers, etc).

>>Official iPad Commercial<<

I’ve decided that I want one–and not just because it’s cool and sexy and from Apple. As many of you are aware, I’m almost finished building my portfolio for work. This portfolio, or “book” as most copywriters call it, lives online because most of the work is in fact digital (banners, websites, blog postings, emails). The way I see it, I have two choices:

1. I can print this stuff out old-school style and hand over an awkwardly big, heavy, dinosaur looking leather-bound portfolio book that is expensive and which I’ll never use again.


2. I can roll up with my iPad BALLER-style and hand it over, browser already open to my page, ready for the creative director’s fingers to play across the screen. Caressing my words. The whole scenario is almost too sexy for me to handle.

I love this YouTube video, and I don’t even like cats. Apple should use it.

Dear Diary: “IBM’s Smarter Planet” Campaign is Misleading

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Dear Diary:

I didn’t even realize the company was still alive—I figured they died out somewhere in the late 90’s. But I started seeing this campaign everywhere, on outdoor billboards, in airports, on subways, and every time I’d think to myself

“really? IBM? Smart?”

but then I’d think “wow Ash, don’t be such an a-hole, maybe they’re making a comeback.”

(Shaking head)

A few months ago, my company was hazed into switching from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes. I repeat, LOTUS NOTES: the IBM equivalent of Outlook. I’d never heard of it prior to this, but turns out Lotus Notes was the “Microsoft Outlook” before Microsoft Outlook.

I’m pretty sure I speak for 700+people when I say that Lotus sucks. It’s terrible. Awful. Just plain DUMB. Actually, I feel a little dumber everyday because I use it.

Are you listening IBM??? LOTUS BLOWS. IT IS THE VERY ANTITHESIS (that means “opposite”) OF SMART.

Proof: We got a company-wide email from our Tech department saying that we had to re-format our Lotus passwords to make our systems more secure. Apparently preexisting Lotus security measures weren’t enough.

When I signed on to Lotus, I received the text box pictured below, and almost threw up while reading it:

I swear it took me at least 5 minutes to create a password that fit these 12 little obscenities.

Diary, if you were to look around people’s cubicles, you’d notice sticky notes with jibberish written on them: our new “secure” passwords we had to write down because they were so damn secure, we can’t remember them. Now I really feel secure.

What a smart solution.


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I’ve never heard of it—but suddenly I want to learn how to play…


Yes, sex is easy. Too easy. So no, they don’t get points for creativity. But sex sells. So whatever…I’ll take it.

Lol. Enjoy.

Here’s another….

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One of the more awesome commercials I’ve seen lately. Note: if you are easily offended, you should not watch this. If you do, and then you say “wow, that was really mean. What a mean commercial” then I have no idea why you follow my blog.

No, it is NOT nice. But you know what it IS?

It’s unexpected.
And that my friends, is why it’s awesome.

Cheers to Lindsey for finding it. I doubt it ever aired, but the fact that they went ahead with the shoot is inspiring.


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This will either blow your mind, or creep you out. Or both.

Faithful blog followers, I’d like to introduce you to The latest craze to sweep cyberspace. It’s already been featured in New York magazine, the NY times, and Good Morning America. Think Skype but without your list of contacts. A website that allows you to connect to anyone via webcam instantly, all over the world, but only at random. There are no filters, no search field where you can select “females over 18 living in Manhattan.”

As you can imagine, for internet predators and pervs this website is like the Promised Land. According to various users, something like 1 in every 3 chat sessions involve a naked man jerking off.  One in particular ( reported a man fornicating with a head of lettuce. You get the idea.

What was this 17 year old tech genius from Moscow thinking when he created such a site? What experience was he hoping to bestow upon us? I’m sure he had a romantic idea of how this tool could be used. A way to bring some humanity back to the internet I guess. A way to connect people.

I was both highly skeptical and VERY scared to try it. What if someone saw me and they didn’t think I was pretty enough? I’d have to watch them as they click the “next” button.

I have no desire to relive middle school.

The first time I tried it, I put my Clifford in front of the camera. Needless to say, people didn’t stay long enough to chat with me. The first guy I saw immediately disconnected, and the second dude was naked, of course. I screamed, slammed shut my laptop and went to sleep with Clifford in a headlock.

The second time I visited ChatRoulette I was a little more brave. Once I got past the naked masturbating dudes (yes, you get a little numb to cock when you see it every other time you hit “next”) the experience was actually really cool. I met a nice boy from Chile who was very charming–he told me he wanted to be born in my tears and die in my mouth. I think. Maybe I messed up the translation.

It’s definitely a male-dominated community. I only saw two girls during my whole experience, neither of which wanted to talk to me (sad face).

The only thing I wish the creator (Andrey Ternovskiy) would add is some sort of translation tool. (Though you can clearly hear people, they don’t talk to you–instead everyone opts to type in the chat room, making a Google-translate type feature very easy to add). I never spoke to anyone from the States, and while I could get by with the Spanish speakers, I’m afraid I was less than successful with the French.

When I asked people why they used the website and what they were looking for, the general answer was “I dunno. I just wanted to talk to someone.”  In which case, Andrey’s website has succeeded in the sense that he wished.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience.  There’s something really exciting about it…the possibility that I could meet someone ridiculously cool, someone who will change my life. Not likely, but still possible. At the very least, ChatRoulette is something to do if you’re bored, or lonely and you just want to talk. Or if you enjoy watching others make jackasses of themselves.

<<<<(left: Chatroulette’s creator, Andrey. Right: the scary people that make up 2/3 rds of its users)