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My thoughts on Spiders…

Posted in A good compilation, beautifully disturbing, Just for fun, Keeping it Real on August 20, 2010 by indomitablyirresistible

I would like to express my thoughts, feelings, and innermost fears towards spiders in a series of cartoon pictures. Thanks.

When I see a Spider, I:

WORD b*tches.

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It’s a Small World After All

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[note: if you are just catching up on this blog, DO NOT watch this video first without watching the one beneath it on the previous post. Ruins the whole experience]

I’ve said it once on here and I’ll say it again:

A good compilation always makes me happy.

Turns out Trolololo guy is sweeping planet earth. Here are the youtube videos that users uploaded of themselves, parodying him. (P.S. In my humble opinion, the guy that comes in at 2:20 is my favorite. Hands down, he gets the medal. GO USA.)

(The United Nations should start peace-keeping talks with this video. “Guys, before anyone speaks, just watch”. And then, the UN should pay me handsomely for this brilliant idea)