Date #1

OK, so the first date didn’t go so well. It had less to do with the site, and more to do with me jumping the gun a little. Stupid Gen Y kids and their love affair with “instant gratification”. FINE. Lesson learned: converse via email/instant chat BEFORE meeting them for coffee.
Firstly, I’m convinced he photoshopped his pictures. His profile picture shows him in a sleeveless shirt (with rather large arms and a big smile), on a horse. In person, he was awkwardly tall, lanky, with far less hair,and crooked teeth.  Secondly, he was boring as all hell. Looking back, I can’t imagine that guy being adventurous or daring enough to mount a horse. I mean, we were sitting in Union Square park and I found myself inexplicably entertained by the homeless lady that was clearly crazy pants, talking nonsense to herself and anyone else that would listen.  She was FAR more interesting than whatever it was he was saying to me….

Live and learn.

I’ve manged to keep my positive attitude. Date #2 is tomorrow, with a much younger, better looking gentleman who works in the medical field.
Until then, my advice to followers:

If he’s using an image of himself on a white horse as a profile picture, he’s CLEARLY trying too hard and is most likely overcompensating for something….

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