I’ve decided to give up the diet of caffeine, cigarettes and junk food that I’ve maintained since college. Why? I’m only 24 but I’m not getting any younger, and while I still look great considering the above atrocities, I know that luxury (called young age and good genes) will not be enough come my late 20’s and early 30’s. Also, if Jennifer Aniston can look 30 when she’s 41, than so can I. And finally, I’m really sick of having to buy a Red Bull every time I need energy. Can’t be healthy, and it’s certainly not cheap.
So, to document my process and hopefully inspire you to lead a healthier life, I will utilize some of my blog posts to include what I ate that day and if I went to my yoga class. I wanted to go every day, but that is unrealistic, so to start, I’ll shoot for 3-4 times a week. Eventually, my goal will be to go 5-6 times a week.

Today’s Diet:

Breakfast: Egg whites (with american cheese…bad girl!) on whole wheat. Coffee.  (Grade: B)

Lunch: Sushi from Whole Foods (Salmon and Avocado roll with Brown Rice) and water. (Grade A+)

Dinner: Prob the same thing…I bought too much sushi 😦   Cept substitute water for coconut water (Grade A+)

Snacks: Fruit

Yoga?  Probably not, still a little sore from yesterday….

(Me in 17 years if all goes according to plan)

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  1. AKA Posh Says:

    I’m inspired! Now, can we go have a beer? : P

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