Wasted Talent

Occasionally I have brief moments where I come up with a saying, an analogy or metaphor that is particularly clever. The “occasionally” part of that last sentence is rather unfortunate, seeing as that is what I get paid to do. Actually, I’m trying to make a career out of it.

In his painfully funny, inspiring book called “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This”, Luke Sullivan calls this occasional inspiration “that brief moment when I don’t suck”.
Sometimes these brief moments when I don’t suck happen all on their own, without any goading or persuasion from me. In other words, they come when I don’t need them and they are almost useless.

I plan on saving these brief moments when I don’t suck, and documenting them here on this blog. Hopefully I’ll get an assignment one day where I can utilize them :).

My most recent moment when I didn’t suck:

Beer is creative lubricant.

And, I assure you the above statement is true. When creative teams in my agency brainstorm for ideas, beer or some sort of alcoholic beverage is generally present. At first I considered that I just work with a bunch of alcoholics (which is fine with me). But now being on the creative team myself, I’ve learned that it really, truly helps.

Think about it: we’re under timed pressure to come up with a cool idea: something fresh, hip, catchy, that nobody from all the other thousands of agencies representing the other millions of brands haven’t already thought of. We’re in a group, so we have to share our ideas and think out loud, taking a risk every time we throw one out there because it very well may suck and our team members might very well say “Wow man, your shit sucks.”

Alcohol’s one reliable side effect, inhibition, is the creative mind’s best friend. Because believe it or not, we have to get all the stupid ideas out of our system before we can really get to the good stuff. And in order to get the bad stuff out, we have to be unafraid to share those ideas, regardless of how dumb they are.

I’m not saying you need alcohol to be creative. And I’m not saying we couldn’t be creative without alcohol. All I’m saying, is in a group setting under peer and time pressures, beer is a creative lubricant. And, THAT my friends, is why we have beer refrigerators on our creative floors at work.


(Watch some beer company use this for a campaign)



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