A Broken Man…

Married And Miserable…. – m4w – 35 (Financial District)

Date: 2010-06-23, 10:25PM EDT

I am living a nightmare, the nightmare called marriage. There is no way out for me only death.
She eats all day as I work. So she gained 75 lbs. Now we are beauty and the beast. I married the beast.
I am stuck in this situation and am so sorry that I did it. If I only listened to people who tried to stop me.
Now I go home each day to frankenstein.

I see hotties on the beach during the summer. I want to cry.
If you see a grown man crying on the beach, it is me. Don’t stare, just walk on by. The pain is so deep.

She snores all night as I fight for some peace. I sleep in the living room. I hear her get up in the middle of the night to eat once again.
Some day she will eat me. And eventually shit me out. I will be happy though as I flow down the sewer pipes into the bowles of hell where I belong.
I am a broken man who is miserable. Married and miserable.

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A girlfriend of mine sent this to me last week, and after reading it I laughed so hard I was crying. I hope to goodness this is real, and not some random dude trying to get a sympathy lay for a fake issue, cause that’s not cool.

My advice to him:

1. Quit your b*tching. You deserve this for marrying a woman who would do that, and most likely there were signs foreshadowing this which you decided to ignore.


3. Re-marry some young, sexy lil thing

4. Have your lawyer put together a pre-nup and have a clause stating that if she turns into Frankenstein before the age of 50, you’ll divorce her and she’ll get nothing.

My work here is done. NAMASTE.


One Response to “A Broken Man…”

  1. christopher Says:

    F#&*ing Word!!!

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