But Besides Spanish Sausages…

I did discover EuroPop in Spain, which turns out, is pretty cool. Here is my new favorite song (new to me, though it came out and was a huge hit apparently in Spain and France in 2007) by a band called “Lucky Twice”. Basically, they’re hott Swedish girls who only got lucky once, as this was their only hit.


(PS I’m showing a clip from Final Fantasy where they use the song, as the music video isn’t avail in the states on YouTube)

PPS: I listen to this every morning while walking to work….it’s invigorating 🙂

PPPS: I received a particularly delightful comment from one of my blog followers on my last Spain post, in an attempt to answer the question: why do the Spanish live longer considering their unhealthy lifestyles? She said:

“My theory: Spaniards healthy (low) stress levels + unhealthy nutrition > American’s healthy nutrition – unhealthy (high) stress levels.

My Point = I’ll take Spanish Sausage over American power any day. (That’s what she said).”


(Lucky Twice pictured below)

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