“420 Vision”

Generally, in my efforts to expand my vocabulary, I’ll select words I find interesting or useful from urbandictionary.com.  However, a dear friend of mine coined this term all on his own in a pure fit of creative inspiration, midwifed by our intense conversation. Turns out this term already exists on urbandictionary.com BUT I think our definition is better than theirs:

Our definition:

420 Vision: (noun) A very brief, insightful and intense moment of clarity despite being under the influence. A rare occurrence, but that’s what makes it such a beautiful experience.

Sentence: “Hey man, that taco place was closed and I didn’t know what you wanted for dinner, but then I had 42o vision and realized I could bring you back turtle food and you’d be stoked cause you’re st*ned as f*ck.”

Urban Dictionary’s definition:

420 vision
when your eyes get dilated after smoking, making it so you can see better at night..
Sentence: “Let’s go running in the woods.”
“Na dude, you’ll run into something.”
“Na dude, I’ve got 420 vision. I can see everything.”

The issue? Clearly whoever submitted this is a poser, pretending like they smoke pot. It doesn’t dilate your eyes. At all. Ever. The only drugs that induce pupil dilation [more properly called Mydriases] are serotonergic hallucinogens like LSD and mushrooms you idiot. If you’re gonna fake it, at least do your f*cking research.


Hmmm…I wonder if I can submit our far superior definition, and request this one be taken down on account of completely false information??


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