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Look, I just can’t help but feel that everyone should know how to perform CPR — knowledge is power, especially in the event of an emergency.

So I highly recommend you watch this instructional video. More than once. And repeat often; refresher courses are never a bad idea.

Your welcome 🙂

[My favorite part is 55 seconds into the  video. Watch the heroine’s facial expression where the narrator says “repeat the cycle until the ambulance arrives”.  God I love advertising.]


“420 Vision”

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Generally, in my efforts to expand my vocabulary, I’ll select words I find interesting or useful from  However, a dear friend of mine coined this term all on his own in a pure fit of creative inspiration, midwifed by our intense conversation. Turns out this term already exists on BUT I think our definition is better than theirs:

Our definition:

420 Vision: (noun) A very brief, insightful and intense moment of clarity despite being under the influence. A rare occurrence, but that’s what makes it such a beautiful experience.

Sentence: “Hey man, that taco place was closed and I didn’t know what you wanted for dinner, but then I had 42o vision and realized I could bring you back turtle food and you’d be stoked cause you’re st*ned as f*ck.”

Urban Dictionary’s definition:

420 vision
when your eyes get dilated after smoking, making it so you can see better at night..
Sentence: “Let’s go running in the woods.”
“Na dude, you’ll run into something.”
“Na dude, I’ve got 420 vision. I can see everything.”

The issue? Clearly whoever submitted this is a poser, pretending like they smoke pot. It doesn’t dilate your eyes. At all. Ever. The only drugs that induce pupil dilation [more properly called Mydriases] are serotonergic hallucinogens like LSD and mushrooms you idiot. If you’re gonna fake it, at least do your f*cking research.

Hmmm…I wonder if I can submit our far superior definition, and request this one be taken down on account of completely false information??

I’ve not foresaken you…

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I swear my posts will resume their original daily schedule as soon as July comes and I’m no longer doing double duty at work.

President Obama at the University of Michigan’s Spring Commencement 2010

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Sentence:  “Every Sunday morning my mom b*tches that I don’t go to church with her. I keep telling her I prefer to practice mattress worship because services run all day.”

Sentence: “I tried to talk to my date last night about the theory of relativity but it looked like his head might explode. I guess he’s not into intellectual masturbation.”

Sentence: “Yo, Andrew had sex with his doppelbanger last night. It freaked me out man…she was like, him, but with boobs.”