My favorite 4/20 Texts From Last Night:

(609): [New Jersey]

Made a joint out of my Yale rejection letter. Life is grand.


(202): [Washington DC]

I forgot it was 4/20. that COMPLETELY explains the 7/11. I was like “that’s a lot of white dudes… and they’re really into snacking.”


(516): [New York]

Someone in my history class just FB messaged me saying they highly suggest I put my sunglasses on. He is sitting 18 rows in front of me…

He/She should be proud.

(719): [Colorado]

Is it sad that I woke up to more “Happy Holidays” texts on 4/20 than I did on Christmas?

Marijuana > baby jesus, so…no.

(203): [Sketchy Connecticut]

Fact: my bamboo plant has grown 2 & 1/2 inches since I started watering it with bong water

Market that shizzz…

(901): [Tennessee]

He gave me a 420 gift that consisted of a dime bag, a philly cheesestake, and a Pepsi that was still cold. If he ever wants a free bj, I got him.

Holy hell…a 420 gift basket. That is so damn sweet, I’m teary eyed just thinking about it. You hear that friends? Now you know what to get me next year… (substitute spicy buffalo wings for the cheesestake. Thanks.)

(978): [Massachusetts]

almost just walked around my whole building with my bowl in my hand before i remembered 420 isn’t a get out of jail free card

[scratching head]…it isn’t???

(+31): [Netherlands]

No flights in Europe due to the volcano erupting. God himself is telling me to spend 4.20 in Amsterdam.




(858): [California]

Dude, we’re at Einstein’s Bagels and the dude next to us is spreading cannabutter on his bagel.

Sometimes I miss California.

(310): [California] *Personal Favorite*

So how do we make 4/20 better than every other day we are stoned?

I asked myself the exact same question.


Students at CU Boulder celebrate 420. No, that is NOT fog.


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