Beer Heroes, AKA “BEEROES”

One reason not to EVER visit Columbia, MO (as if you needed one):

From and The Columbia Dispatch (

Apparently on April 1 (no, not an april fools joke–this actually happened) Scheppers Distributing Co. sent 1,500 cases [that’s right, CASES] of expired beer to a landfill in Columbia in two shipments. The first shipment was destroyed immediately, but the second (containing approximately 700 cases of Busweiser and Michelob Ultra) was still in queue.

Two workers hauled away about 50 of those 700 cases in their trucks, saving the beer from imminent death, and now they are both facing criminal charges. CRIMINAL charges. It seems that in the lovely state of Missouri, once items reach the landfill, they become city property. So these two guys who just wanted to beer that would have otherwise just leaked into the soil amongst heaps of shit, are being accused of stealing city property.

Expired beer.
From a landfill.
Criminal charges.


Missouri now takes second place in my list of lamest states in the U.S. (#1 is still Ohio).

( article)

(The Columbia Dispatch article)

(An actual landfill in Missouri)


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