My Very Own Commercial

My little sister, currently studying abroad in Spain, found a Spanish commercial that she likes to watch whenever she misses me.

Apparently, if I had my own commercial, this is what it would be:

I watched, and puzzled, I was dumb enough to ask her “what exactly is it that reminds you of me??” Her reply:

1. “First off, the dolphin is CLEARLY retarded”
2. “The voice is DEAD ON, even the singing and intonation
3. “Thirdly, the dolphin makes no sense, but he’s SO HAPPY.

“That’s you in a nut shell man.”

LOL I can’t even argue with her because first, she’s right and second, she’s in Spain so….ya.
For those gringos that read my blog, the dolphin is saying:

I’m not a sailor
I’m not a sailor
I’m a dolphin
I’m a dolphin

I was singing it in the shower all morning…..

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