The iPad in all its SEXINESS

The most common request I get from blog followers is that they want me to keep them cool. Informed. “I want to know what’s cool, what’s in these days.”

This post is for you.

THE IPAD IS COOL. HIP. IN. SEXY. SEXY. SEXY. I mean, I’m turned on just writing about it.

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first. Even though I’m obsessed with all things MAC, and I’ve yet to discover a bad product from them.

When they announced the iPad a few months ago, nobody seemed to know what hell it did. There was a plethora of articles about it, but none really getting into the specifics. Apple dealt with this nicely I thought, with a very short, concise commercial that shows exactly what it might be most commonly used for (looking at pictures, reading e-books, reading the newspaper, email, instant messengers, etc).

>>Official iPad Commercial<<

I’ve decided that I want one–and not just because it’s cool and sexy and from Apple. As many of you are aware, I’m almost finished building my portfolio for work. This portfolio, or “book” as most copywriters call it, lives online because most of the work is in fact digital (banners, websites, blog postings, emails). The way I see it, I have two choices:

1. I can print this stuff out old-school style and hand over an awkwardly big, heavy, dinosaur looking leather-bound portfolio book that is expensive and which I’ll never use again.


2. I can roll up with my iPad BALLER-style and hand it over, browser already open to my page, ready for the creative director’s fingers to play across the screen. Caressing my words. The whole scenario is almost too sexy for me to handle.

I love this YouTube video, and I don’t even like cats. Apple should use it.


One Response to “The iPad in all its SEXINESS”

  1. AKA Posh Says:

    That’s it! You’ve convinced me – I want one too!!

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