TFLN: Because I need to laugh…


just because you are in college doesnt mean its okay to pregame easter mass.

(something my mom would say to me)


so im decorating easter eggs with my family and my mom is writing “Jesus is risen” and “God loves you!” on the eggs. i wrote things like “I’m naked!” and “there are drugs in these eggs!” on mine.

(I should have spent Easter with this dude)


when i asked what day 420 fell on this year, she answered so quickly i knew i found my soulmate.

(Now I have a fail-proof test…)


I’m not a pervert.. I just like to be naked…

(That’s all I’m sayin)


A horse told me not to drive home last night. I think there was a cop on top of it.

(Let’s hope)


it’s like your virginity…sometimes you have to pretend like it’s still there

(it’s true)


sometimes i think i’m bisexual but then i realize the only girl i’m attracted to is myself.



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