New Celebrity for Klein’s “X” Campaign…



He is 30 ft tall on a building across from my apartment. I’ve nearly walked into oncoming traffic because I was distracted, drooling on myself…

It’s like God said “You know what Ash? You’ve been such a good person lately, I’m going to give you the gift of a Kellan Lutz billboard to look at every morning that’s bigger than your apartment building”…

Also, I would just like everyone to know that I saw him the last time I flew into LAX. I was literally 10 ft away from him.

Did I say anything? smile at him?



I was too busy trying to play it cool (and hide my erection).


2 Responses to “New Celebrity for Klein’s “X” Campaign…”

  1. AKA Posh Says:


  2. dude….there is also a better ad. just google image kellan lutz for calvin klein…its the one they had to censor 🙂

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