All week I’m thinking my blog is like a child of mine I’ve been neglecting…

I’m a bad person. The “I’m too busy” thing will only get me so many passes with you, I know. I KNOW. But for real guys, I just submitted my timesheet for work and I had a 61 hr work week.  You know what that is? INSANE.

So here’s another puppy picture. I’m making those eyes at you. Right now. For real. Except I’m neither as cute or furry. Well, ok, maybe just not as cute.


I’m just joking…(I think).

*Turns out there’s this feature on my blog hosting site where I can schedule posts to be published at a later date. I had no idea. So if I’m smart, I’ll do a bunch of posts over the weekend and then have them published on days throughout the week. If  I can get past my instant gratification issue. Whenever I have something I want to share with you, I’m so excited to publish that waiting to do so is painful. PAINFUL.


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