Omg this shizzz sparkles…I should get extra points for that.

Dear Jack:

1. You are not old. When you hit 50, THEN you are old. And when you actually do hit 50, I’ll tell you that you aren’t really old until you reach 60. hahaha…

2.RE: The lady at the bank that looked at your ID, then looked at you, wished you happy birthday and said you looked good. That was a compliment. And coming from a woman who was a stranger, there really is no higher compliment. Take the compliment, dammit.

3. Nobody would know you were my older sister if I didn’t always introduce you as my older sister. LOL.

4. My favorite quote so far in regards to your birthday came from Lindsey. No surprise there. Here goes:

Terry (lindsey’s ex-BF): “I hope you look like Jack when you’re 25.”

Lindsey: “Um, she’s not 25. But she IS my sister”



4 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!!!”

  1. AKA Posh Says:

    AWESOME!! Thanks for the shot out. XXOO

  2. AKA Posh Says:

    (and yes, I did meant SHOT not shout) Ugh. Now everyone knows i’m old. : (

  3. it WAS awkward.

  4. It comes as no surprise to me when Lindsey says anything that is hilarious, its just part of being awesome 🙂

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