Russian Alien Vampires…

NY Times will lead you to believe that Pandora was started by Tim Westergren.  This is FALSE.

Pandora is actually run by Russian Alien Vampires.

How else can you explain the fact that they know when you leave the room? Their feelings get hurt when they think you aren’t listening and that creepy little message pops up on your screen:  “Are you still there???”

They PAUSE YOUR MUSIC when you have it muted.

Regardless, these Russian Alien Vampires are doing a fabulous job…Pandora is how I discover a lot of new music and very rarely do I hear a song I don’t enjoy.

Keep it up guys. And congrats on the iPhone app, as it seems it single-handedly saved your Russian-Alien-Vampire asses from an embarrassing Napster-like death.

(Let’s see, I’ve tagged the all the American phantom-menaces/witch-hunt phases for the last 3 decades…so hopefully this will bring me some new traffic lol)


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