Tsunami Warning in Hawaii

There was a tsunami warning issued in Hawaii this morning at 6am due to the earthquake in Chile.  My brother Christopher has been living in Honolulu for the last decade or so, now with his wife and 1 year old daughter.. Fortunately, Hawaii is pretty prepared for this sort of thing, and 50 ft waves are just another surf opportunity. The Irons brothers are probably securing a helicopter to be dropped in…

Regardless, we still worry. So Jack, Eric and I all call him (separately) to tell him some important things before the estimated time the tsunami will hit:

(me): You know how I said on Thursday that I hope a bird takes a big sh*t on your car? Ya…I didn’t mean it man. Also, I don’t want that to be the last thing I said to you.

(Jack):  “You know how I said you were adopted? I was just kidding man. You weren’t adopted. Also, the carpet you got blamed for burning when we were 10? That was me.”

(Chris: to Eric): “Do you have anything to confess?”

(Eric): “Ya: the last game of chess we played–I threw the game and let you win”


3 Responses to “Tsunami Warning in Hawaii”

  1. hey, so people here also heard about that tsunami… they went to the highest ground and everything… wanna know how big it was: 1-3 m (3-9 ft). I was walking on the beach and didn’t even notice it. one of the biggest anti-climatic situations of my life

    You are too funny. Ya, I think my bro and and all his surfer buddies were pretty pissed too because it was so anti-climatic. They wanted to some waves to surf.

    I’m glad you are ok! And, I MISS YOU!


  3. PS How come I can’t see your blog? I keep clicking on the link and it says shutterfly can’t find that page 😦

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