Cosi Observations

2/21/10 Working on my laptop at Cosi on 8th st…


1. The General Public is both stupid and disgusting. I just watched a man pick his nose, look at his finger, and then eat it.

2. I love watching PC people searching the place and cussing because there’s a serious lack of power outlets. Meanwhile, I’m in the middle of the room, I’ve been here for two hours and my little Mac is still at 70%. HA. Suckers.

3. There’s one person in this entire place with a Mac. He also has the same iced green tea beverage as me, thus making him the only person I’d consider talking to if given the opportunity.

4. The service at a big chain like Cosi’s sucks.

5. And the tables are dirty (refer back to observation #1)

6. The Postal Service can improve any situation, I’m convinced.

7. Lots of people eat by themselves. But most, because they are eating by themselves, have to be either on their cell phone or on their laptop. As if so others don’t feel bad for them…”oh it’s ok, they aren’t total losers. They’re still talking to someone…”

8. One of the bus boys is hopelessly in love with one of the cashier girls. Poor guy.

9. There are people who are genuinely interested in the artwork (?) at Cosi. Refer to observation #1.

10. The other patrons notice me starting at them, then typing away viciously on my sexy laptop. They’re probably thinking “I’m just being paranoid, she’s staring off into space, thinking while working. She’s not looking at me”. Actually, not only am I staring at you, but I’m writing about you too. Then, I’m publishing it.

(what I am seeing as I look around…sans the Mac guy)

One Response to “Cosi Observations”

  1. Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet entertaining and engaging.. Keep up the awesome work!

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