A California Thing

All winter I’ve been in this unyielding state of denial that inclement weather is an actual inconvenience in my otherwise sunny, rainbow life–a disease I caught in CA.

I made it to February with only my Converse All Stars.

The past two weeks however have been particularly bad in terms of ice, and I nearly broke my neck at least three times.

Rummaging through my closet over the weekend, I discovered the only shoes I own with any significant amount of tread were my tall, bubble-gum-pink-with-blue-whales rain boots. I’ve been sporting them every day: socially acceptable last week when the weather was a mix of rain and snow.

Of course this week was sunny as all hell. I wore them anyway on Tuesday but got weird stares from people.

So I hid them under my desk at work.

Now, I can’t figure out how to get them home. Too awkward to carry on the 6 train in the evenings (so crowded!) and I just can’t bring myself to wear them.

They probably won’t make it back to my apartment until it rains again.

(Sigh) I’m such a girl sometimes. Gross.

<<<<(SHE can get away with it! Might be a supermodel-living-in-London-type thing. Maybe I’ll become a supermodel and start a new trend in the States).


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