6 Train Awkwardness

(Setting: 6 train headed downtown from 23rd st.)

99.9% of the time I spend walking around the city en route, I’m listening to my ipod.

Yesterday, the .1% of me won and I went without–I didn’t have the energy or patience to rummage through my Mary Poppins purse only to untangle my earphones by which time I’d already be home.

Standing on the train, lost in my own thoughts, I suddenly heard a classic Sublime song, “What I Got.”  It took me a solid 5 seconds before I remembered I wasn’t listening to my ipod. The culprit was a younger gentleman standing behind me.

I could have taken out my ipod  and found that song–but I didn’t.

Instead I proceeded to lip-sync the song (the part “got to find a reason why my money’s all gone..”), adding my signature head bobbing move. All that was missing was my hair brush.

That’s right, I was the crazy on the train singin and dancin with no iPod or headphones. The crazy that you normal people inch away from.

I was THAT guy.

<<<<<<<< (F*CK THAT NOISE)


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