The new Twihards…

After putting up with all the fuss this movie has generated, I decided to go see it.

I’ve got a bone to pick with James Cameron.

I get it, you’re a movie tech genius. This is not the first time your special effects technology has forever changed the way Hollywood makes movies.

Avatar is nothing short of one big, bright, neon-colored, pulsing  orgasm for the human eye. Visually, its breathtaking–as I’m sure you’ve already heard from the rest of the world.

But the story?

Cameron, you are lucky I wouldn’t know what you looked like if you passed me on the street. Because if I did, and you did pass me, I might clock you in the face.


I know reading is a pastime that is slowly dying, but there are some of us who still do it. And, of that minority there are a select few that enjoy science fiction–even if the rest of the literary world turns their noses up at us.

Orson Scott Card…why are you not up in arms about this? Why have you not challenged Cameron to a duel?

Everything about the plot:

The trees

The life force that connects all living things

The aliens

The humans that live among the aliens to understand them

is IDENTICAL to Speaker for the Dead (the final installment in Card’s Ender’s Game series)

When the movie ended, my jaw remained open and as I sat in the darkness, all I could think about was how I wanted to console Card…

If I was him, I’d be crying….

My heart aches for you, Orson.


One Response to “The new Twihards…”

  1. I just knew it had to be from some book! The “I can’t believe what they can do in movies now” praise was Cameron’s main priority anyway. I’ll have to read it because I doubt the movie did it justice. Maybe it will convince me to see Avatar again…or I’ll also want to clock Cameron for not citing Card in the credits.

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